About Me

After my breaking point and the dawn of the still alive movement, I graduated top of my class and lead graphic designer and 3D animator. I was given the valedictorian’s exceptional student award despite not being an actual valedictorian. The school had decided to redefine the prerequisites so they can give me the award instead.

From there I discovered even better ways to shape my sadness into something productive, and even decided to embrace it as i became a depression artist. My goal is to reach out to as many people as I can and show them its okay, they aren’t alone with their demons, me and anyone who follows will stand with you. Don’t let your pain be plaque to your arteries, but instead fuel to your fire. Let it drive you to greater things.

The 2 personalities of NotoKato

There is a divide in my head that shaped me into the productive man I am today. The one half is Kato, the conscious side who retains a form of innocence. It is the nice, polite side of me who isn’t sad and never feels the effects of tragedy or trauma.

Then theres the Noto side. Best thought of as my subconscious, Noto is the part of me who’s driven to become something great. Who works hard and protected the Kato side by suppressing any bad memories. Noto is thought of as almost an older soul trapped within, because it always seems to know what to do. Noto guides Kato through life and despite having no prior practice with a lot of things, there is almost a natural skill.

And from these two mindsets, I became a resilient person who has a path I lead despite never traveling it before. This is how I learned to understand myself, this is NotoKato.